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Friday, 25 November 2016

Greatest 20 Happiness quotes

Greatest  20 Happiness quotes


Quotes # 01

Action may not always bring happiness,


There is no happiness without action.

Quotes # 02

Curiosity is one of the

Great secrets of happiness

Quotes # 03

Desire nothing,

Give up all desires

And be happy.

Quotes # 04

Family and friendship are two of the

Greatest facilitators of happiness 

Quotes # 05

Happiness depends

Upon ourselves

Quotes # 06

Happiness in intelligent people

Is the rarest thing I know

Quotes # 07

Happiness is a continuation of happenings

Which are not resisted.

Quotes # 08

Happiness is a mental harmony

Unhappiness is a mental in harmony

Quotes # 09

Happiness is not something ready made

It comes from your own actions.

Quotes # 10

Happiness is not something

Your postponed for future

It something you design

For the present

Quotes # 11

If you want others to be happy

Practice compassion

If you want to be happy

Practice compassion

Quotes # 12

Just do what must be done

They may not be happiness

But it is greatness

Quotes # 13

Love is when the other person’s happiness

Is more important than your own

Quotes # 14

My happiness grows in direct 
proportion to my acceptance


In inverse proportion
to my expectations.

Quotes # 15


The happiest people are not those getting more


Those giving more

Quotes # 16

Research has shown that the best way to

Be happy is to make each day happy

Quotes # 17

Some cause happiness wherever they go

Others whenever they go

Quotes # 18

The secret of happiness 

Is something to do

Quotes # 19

There is joy in work

There is no happiness 

Except in the realization

That we have accomplished something.

Quotes # 20

There is no end of craving

Hence content alone is the
best way to happiness

Therefore ,acquire contentment.


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