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Friday, 25 November 2016

Greatest 30 Wisdom quotes

Greatest  30 Wisdom quotes

Best 30

Quotes # 01

A Lie

Quotes # 02

A Little knowledge  that acts is worth
Infinitely more than much knowledge that is idle

Quotes # 03

A man may die,
Nations may rise and fall
But an idea lives on.

Quotes # 04

A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes

Smart enough to profit from them,

And strong enough to correct them.

Quotes # 05

Adopt the pace of nature

Her secret is patience

Quotes # 06

Beware of false knowledge

It is more dangerous than ignorance 

Quotes # 07

Have no fear of perfection

You will never reach it.

Quotes # 08

He who does not understand your silence

Will probably not understand your words

Quotes # 09

If you tell the truth

You don’t have to remember anything.

Quotes # 10

Intelligent without ambition

Is a bird without wings

Quotes # 11

Knowing others is wisdom

Knowing yourself  is Enlightenment.

Quotes # 12

Learning never

Exhaust the mind.

Quotes # 13

Obstacles are those frightful things you see

When you take your eyes off your goals.

Quotes # 14

Simplicity is the

Ultimate sophistication.

Quotes # 15

Talent is God-given

Be humble.

Fame is man-given

Be thankful.

Conceit is self-given

Be careful.

Quotes # 16

The only source of knowledge

Is experience

Quotes # 17

The smallest deed is better

Than the greatest intention.

Quotes # 18

The time to repair the roof is 

When the sun shining.

Quotes # 19

The two most powerful warriors are

Patience and Time.

Quotes # 20

The world is like a grand staircase

Some are going up

And some are going down.

Quotes # 21

There are many ways of going forward


Only one way of standing still.

Quotes # 22

There is no greatness where and 

There is no simplicity

Goodness and truth.

Quotes # 23

Things do not change

We change

Quotes # 24

Times is more value than money.

You can get more money
You cannot get more time.

Quotes # 25

We are made wise not

Buy the recollection of our past.

But, by the responsibility

For our future.

Quotes # 26

We work to become,

Not to acquire

Quotes # 27

Whatever you do in life

Surround yourself with smart people

Who’’ll argue with you.

Quotes # 28

Knowing yourself.

Is the beginning of all wisdom.

Quotes # 29

You can have no dominion greater or less

Than that over yourself.

Quotes # 30

We should not judge people by
their peak of excellence


By the distance they have travelled

From the point where they started.




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